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Title: How can I train my local (Nigerian) dog to be aggressive?
Post by: admin on August 14, 2018, 11:33:57 PM
Disclaimer: I am not a dog trainer

However, you should not, I mean "NEVER" train your dog to be aggresive. I had a friend who did that once and his mother arm needed to be stiched in 150 places. The dog was killed at the end as he thought it was mad.

Here are my tips for you:

-Implement proper dog training methods for yourself so you undertand every step necessary on how to train your dog properly.

-Give away your dog as you really don't love it.... Avoid advice like "Lock it away and release it only at night"

Third option is to pay for the services of a dog trainer and let him/her do her job.

Having a dog listen to every command is no childs play and indeed take lots of time and patience. Helpful to find a good dog trainer to assist you the basics of sit, stay, come when called. Stand still for grooming, fetch, maybe jump over obstacles.

Note: Police dogs are not aggresive. They are trained to respond to situations in a certain way and at commands. I hope this answered your question

DOgs should never be abused and infact deserve so much better.