What are the Best Ways to Care For a Pregnant Dog?

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What are the Best Ways to Care For a Pregnant Dog?
« on: August 18, 2018, 08:54:46 PM »
Follow the following steps to care for your pregnant dog:

Carry out regular veterinary check.

Make sure to keep the bitch environment clean to avoid viral or bacterial infection.

Watch her nipples and try to clean it with disinfectants to prevent mastitis( I recommend using warm water as they get bigger).

In the first early stage, Nothing is as importnat to pregnant dogs than good nutrition. You should avoid feeding your pregnant dogs puppy chow, as that contains a denser nutrition than meals made for senior and adult dogs. Instead, feed her with foods rich in proteinous content like fish etc. Also, do not overfeed her at the early stage as this can lead to abortion.

At the second stage, you can increase the food ratio and add more yummy contenmts like chicken, eggs, meat etc. You can feed her puppy foods now(although they costs more, they are best for her at this stage). Ensure to keep lots of clean water close to her pen.

Do not give her supplements unless it is completely safe(based on your vets recommendation) for her. It insn't necessary if she eats in good quantities.

As her time nears, she will need a whelping box or other enclosed space in which to deliver her puppies. Whcihever location you select needs to be in a warm place, not accessible to all, and be designed with soft, washable materials. perhaps some old blankets and towels(some use bundles of paper), and it should be in proportion to your dog's size. A small dog might need only a space as big as a working table. On the other hand, a large dog will need a bigger space but not too much, because her puppies(new kids) will need to remain very near to her for a couple of weeks.