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Title: Help! My Dog is Infected with Maggots or Tumbo Fly
Post by: admin on August 18, 2018, 10:26:25 PM
Do you see lumps all over your dog or puppies body?

It could be one of the two reasons: flea bite or maggots!(http://)

Yes, maggots! The tumbo fly larvae likes to feast on flesh. The females lay her eggs in damp sandy soil mixed with urine or feces. The larvae hatch in a couple of days, live in the soil for 1-2 weeks and then moves on to find a more fleshy host(dogs, cats or human) to continue its development. The most popular method of contact with this killer disgusting thing is through direct contact with the affected soil, either through standing barefoot, sitting or lying down on it.

Note: If they choose to live in the nose or ear region of your pets, the worms can cause brain injuriesor death. Plus, deadly sinus infections and if they eventually burrow into the middle ear, can find their way into their brain and casue death- you wouldn't want that for your furry pet now, do you?

The infections and septic conditions in heavily feasted humans or animals can become so serious that it causes loss of life. This is certainly not a condition to ignore. Expulsion of the larvae must be done so carefuly that it does not burst because the contents of the larvae will result in infections and sepsis.

Another common way of contamination is that the female fly will lay her eggs(around 2, 10 or more) on freshly laundered clothes or damp bedclothes. To get rid of them, simply iron the clothes(the heat will terminate any fly eggs that may be present). If not prevented, the larvae will eat deep into the skin and fatten itself using your pets flesh as a food source. The host(your animal or pet) skin will form painful boil-like lesions that eventually open to drain blood and waste products from the growing larvae. This infection is known as Myiasis in humans. They live in your pet for 8-12 days after which they reach the prepupal stage and drop to the ground.

How can I Prevent  this?

To prevent this, eliminate flies, damp areas and provide elevated dry areas for pets.

My Pet is infected. What Can I do?

Try this:

Apply oil substance( palm oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, petroleum jelly etc) on the wound opening and watch closely. The maggot will try to come out to breathe. Press it and avoid direct contact with skin as it can burrow even your skin. Repeat for every hole and clean with warm water.


use ivermectin on them.

Good Luck!