Can My Dog Stay Healthy on Vegan Meal Only?

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Can My Dog Stay Healthy on Vegan Meal Only?
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:10:42 PM »

Although some would argue that dogs are ominivores- I believe they are carnivores(simple yet plain truth). Not only that they are handicapped when it comes to digesting vegetable matter in any form or shape without suffering multiple adverse conditions.

Now, after keeping and succesfully observed diffrent birds, dogs and other animals. I discovered something interesting. I am pretty sure most "experts" do not even know this.

Even though I earlier stated that dogs cannot directly process vegetable matter, they still require to some extent the nutrients provided by it, so mother nature designed a very smart way of getting around the problem.

Dogs naturally attack the interanl organs of the prey they feed on first, gobbling away everything in the thoracic and abdominal cavities, including the intestines and stomach, which contain the partially digested and digested matter the prey has been feeding on.

If they are unable to do this because of their owners, they eat the freshest poop of any herbivores they can find, as these often contain some of the great nutrients dogs require to remain and stay healthy and active.

If you again stop them from doing this, they will experience "Pica", which will force them to eat their own and other dogs poop or the faces of cats, rabbit, carnivores or other animals

It is therefore not only cruel or inhumane to feed a dog vegan or even a vegetarian diet and keep it controllable, responsive, healthy and intelligent, meaninhg that it won't try to eat other animal, your shoes, bags and everything else it can lay its teeth on. Dogs also require animal fat and raw meat, but 20% to 30% more fat than meat... and if it wants to eat the faces of animals that feeds on grass, let it.

If what you want is a cuddly oet that eats only vegetable matter, buy a sheep or rabbit. If you want an intimidating protector, an elephant is your best bet(lolz). If you desire a cuddly protector, get married (*winks*)