Signs That Shows Your Dog Is In Heat

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Signs That Shows Your Dog Is In Heat
« on: September 05, 2018, 11:42:41 PM »

Heat, which is also known as the estrus(also oestrus) period, is a stage for reproduction that unspayed female dogs experiences. During this stage her eggs gets mature, making her fertile and able to produce puppies. Your dog will have different physical and behavioral changes during this period, due to hormonal changes in her body. These changes will guide you to know whether your dog is in heat or not.

Within a period of twelve months, your dog will likely go into heat twice with an interval of about six months in between each heat,depending on the breed. While most dogs experiences heat periods twice every twelve months, some dogs are more regular than others. Most dogs can experience heat as regular as exactly every six months, whilst others may vary.

It is vital to make sure your dog is the correct bleeding age. Confirm your dog is old enough to mate, because most dogs should not mate until they have had two to three heat cycles. Your dog should be at least one to two years of age(12- 24months). Your vet should be able to tell you if your female dog is ready for breeding or not, so if you are sure your dog is mature enough to breed, ask your vet. When a female dog reaches maturity, and is physically ready to reproduce, estrogen level increases, thereby triggering the release of eggs from her ovaries. If mating occurs during this period, the eggs can then be fertilized and an embryo formed.

Understanding the signs of heat can help you to know when your dog is in heat, as the heat itself follows a pattern, with her vulva becoming swollen and a bloody discharge during the first week. When she is in full heat, her vulva will swell to about three times its normal size and will take on a reddish colour. Another sign to watch out for, is if she constantly licks her vagina. While some female dogs won't do this, most dogs will develop this behavior right around the time that they go into heat. If you find that your dog is in heat..and you would prefer that she should not have puppies, take your dog to the vet after her heat is over and get her stayed. You can tell when her heat period is over by the same method of observation. If she does not let herself to be mounted by a male dog, her vulva is back to normal size, then she is no longer in heat.
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