Natural Medication in Bird Rearing(Poultry)

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Natural Medication in Bird Rearing(Poultry)
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:43:25 PM »
Every day, we use house hold spices and food in our daily lives but have you ever heard that thee foods are a natural cure to diseases in your birds?

Sour milk, Ginger, Garlic, Aloe Vera and Pepper are a few amongst the many herb and spice that are medicinal in nature. Farmers who practice organic farming have begun to reap the benefits of these natural cures.

Alongside conventional vaccines and drugs, these natural medicines can be used but try as much as possible to implement biosecurity measures to fight off diseases. Each of these medications only apply to small scale farmers i.e farmers with one to hundred birds (1-100).

1.) Pepper(Ata in Yoruba)
Ever wondered why the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria love pepper so much? Itís because it improves metabolism. In poultry, it helps in killing off parasites that cause digestive problems like coccidiosis and also terminates worms by burning them off.

To apply: Sprinkle Ĺ teaspoon in chicken feed or feed to them free choice.

2.) Garlic(Ata ile in Yoruba)
Garlic used alongside onions assists the birds by boosting their immune system and helps fight respiratory infections in poultry. Garlic will also terminate external parasites as it produces sulphur in the body once ingested. The sulphur content in the chickenís blood will overpower the parasites.

To administer: Add 3 cloves to 5 litres of water or a pinch or two of powdered garlic in dry feeds everyday.

3.) Ginger
When introduced to poultry birds, ginger help boost appetite, eliminate digestive problems and is also an immune booster. Ginger has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

To administer: add a small pinch of ginger powder to the feed or feed it whole or grind it.

4.)Aloe vera
The juice from Aloe Vera acts as an appetizer and also in treating wounds. Itís a natural antibiotic and will help in curing cannibalism in poultry. Apply it on wounds of cannibalized birds and the bitter taste will discourage the culprits.

5.) Fermented/sour milk (Miliki Kikan in Yoruba)
Sour milk acts as a probiotic in birds. What that means is that it kills harmful bacteria in the intestines therefore ensuring an heightened immunity. Thus preventing diarrhea.

To administer: Drench it or add it to feeds to form lumps.

6.) Salt (Iyo in Yoruba)
It is true that salt is poisonous to chickens but has proven to be beneficial in cases of heat stress. However, you must exercise care with salt.

When heat stress strikes, salt can act as a good electrolyte in emergency cases.
To apply: You need 1 cup of water,⅛ teaspoon of salt and 1Ĺ teaspoonful of baking powder.This is given to every bird.

7.)Papaya/pawpaw seeds
Pawpaw prevents coccidiosis infection and acts as a good dewormer. Itís seeds are used for this.

To apply: Dry seeds for two weeks and then proceed to grind them. Mix 10gms of the powder in 10litres of water.

8.)Pumpkin/cucumber/courgette seeds
Individually or collectively, these seeds when in powdered form can be mixed with water to control worms.

Bottom line
When applying any of these methods, you should make use of conventional drugs too in a controlled manner.
Totally avoid the misuse of antibiotics and always vaccinate your birds.